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Where can I find a manual for my machine?

Is there a possibility to download a manual or handbook for a Tormek machine?
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  • Register for our newsletter here and you can download the latest version of the HB-10 Tormek Handbook. It applies to all Tormek machine models.
    Tormek Support
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  • Hello, I register my machine on your Website but I don't know where I can download the Tormek Handbook in my language (French)
  • I purchased and registered my T8, but have not been able to find out from where I might download the Tormek Handbook?

    Please kindly advise?

    Thank you,
    George R. Kahn
  • We have updated our website in the end of september. The Log-In does unfortunately not work yet on the new web. We are blessed with the worlds sharpest community and we are always looking for ways to reward them. 😉 That's why we are developing a more valuable log-in for all Tormek users.

    In the meantime, please write an email to with the serial-number of your machine and name the language you would need the handbook in. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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