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Which machine should I chose to sharpen chisels, woodturning tools, knives and carving tools?

I’m sorry to bother you but there is too much information to sort through and figure out on the site for me, haha. Would somebody be able to tell me what machine to buy and which accessories? I am looking for diamond wheel I know, but from there I need some help. The machine will be used for wood carving, chisels, woodturning, and knives down the road if possible but not necessary
Thanks in advance!

Sam Gabrielson


  • Hej Sam

    yes, there is a lot of information because there are so many possibilities and needs...
    IF you are a first time sharpener, i recommend to start with the SG-250 stone which is supplied with the T-8 original - wich would also be my recommendation due the different tasks you named. After a while you'll will tend to have a SJ-250 for your woodcarving chisels and your precious knives. For woodturning, you can start with thte SG-250 and move to the DF-250 Diamond Wheel when you get stable with the handling. The Diamond Wheels have the huge advantage that they keep the shape and you don't need to adjust the angles when changing between the different Diamond Wheels and when sharpening round tools and then flat tools, the surface is always flat compared to stones, you have to true in between from time to time.
    For woodturning you'll need the TNT-808 Woodturning Kit, it includes all you need for woodturning. some jigs, for knives and other tools you'll need the HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit. You'll need some jigs from both kits for wood carving. Don't forget to order the RB-180 Rotating Base, sometime you'll use the machine from either side, turning 16 kg is much easier with the RB-180.
    You'll find all information to these product on our we page.

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