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What is different between the Tormek T-7 and the Tormek T-8?

Could you explain the main differences between the Tormek T-7 and the T-8?


  • The Tormek T-8 model has an updated design and maximizes the precision thanks to the revolutionary fully cast zinc housing which guarantees minimal play for the Universal Support.

    The Advanced Water Through is upgraded with a screw lift and a scraper which incorporates a strong magnet. The magnet attracts the steel particles ground from the tools being sharpened, which keeps your grinding wheel clean and cutting more freely. When you remove the scraper, the magnet will release the steel particles and you can easily clean the trough.

    The drive wheel on the Tormek T-8 is in zinc.

    Enclosed with the T-8 Original is the upgraded Square Edge Jig SE-77. Its design now has a movable side that allows for a fine adjustment to the setting, which ensures a 90┬░ corner or the possibility to create a cambered shape.

    Another addition is the T8-00 Storage Tray for Tormek T-8 Accessories which is made of a durable material and stores all jigs and accessories included with the Tormek T-8 Original.
    Tormek Support
  • Hi All , is it possible to get an official instruction video sent to my email address on how to use the T7 andT8 . regards Antonio .
    antonio iovenitti
  • Hi again Antonio,

    The machines are used in the same way. All jigs and accessories work the same on both machines. I attach a YouTube link for the getting started video for each model.

    Tormek T-8 Original:

    Tormek T-7:

    Hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions, please contact

    Stay sharp!

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