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Different angles on both sides of the blade with the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

When using my Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener I get different angels on left and right side of the knife. Its not much difference but one can se that the grinded area is bigger on one side compared to the other. Why?
Kristian Brandström


  • Hej Kristian,
    a different look of the grinded area does not neccessarily mean that the angles on the both sides of the knife are different. They should be the same if you did not change the angle in the patented jig.
    The bevel can look differently for several reasons, e.g.:
    • The sharpening pressure used on the sides was different. 
    • Both sides have been sharpened different times. 
    • The geometry of the knife is not 100% symmetrical. 
    • The bevels have been of different width before sharpening on your Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener. 
    Stay sharp!
  • Well that's interesting- I have made the angels new from skratch, it takes a long time since its a quality japanese knive. But im pretty shure that the pressure shuld not make a differenc- how can the pressure change the angle?
    Its not possible to sharpen both sides at the same time- the construktion of the T1 sharpner does not allow it. I did thou sharpen the knife on both sides on the same day directly after another without changing anything if that is what you mean.
    The knife, a Shun is of decent quality and mass produced and i think its symmetrical enugh.
    Im shure the phase was a bit different before. thats why I bougt the tormek- to get perfekt 9,5 deg angel on both sides-but honestlu if you gring the phase completly new it should not make a difference.
    Im prettyy shure ther is another problem- maybe with the guide- hasent anyone else had the same problem? I will add pictures this afternoon when im home again.

    Kristian Brandström
  • Hi again Kristian,

    How much pressure you use will not affect the angle, but it will affect the amount of steel removed during sharpening. You probably have the same angle on both bevels if you didn't change any settings between switching sides.

    If you put more time or pressure on one side of the knife, you will remove more material from that side which will give you a wider bevel on that side, and the apex will be off center. Therefore it is important to put the same amount of (low) pressure on both sides and the same amount of time. If you count the number of pulls through the guide for each side you sharpen, you know you remove the same amount of material from both sides of the knife, and will get nice symmetrical bevels.

    Since you have one bevel wider than the other, you first have to correct this by sharpening the smaller bevel until both bevels are even and meet up in the center of the blade.

    I hope this was clear enough and helpful for you. If you need any further help you are welcome to send an email to and attach a video of how you sharpen and the result, and we will go to the bottom of any remaining issues.

    Stay sharp!
  • OK so when you are resetting the angle (new angel from scratch) you cannot sharpen until you get a ligth burr and then take the other side?I really cant understand how you can move the apex the edge / without actually grinding the edge..I do understand that if I keep grinding the bevel and edge I will eventually move the edge of center. But the change from 14 deg to 11 on the shun took over one hour non stop grinding I promise I did not grind a single stroke extra as soon as i got a burr.
    tried with my Tamahagane knife- actuallyexatly the one you have in one of yoyr demo videos. Its obvius that the bevel with is going to be different even after the first strokes. what i did was changing the angel 1.5 deg less when pushing from front and in.
    on my shun the with differens when sharpening at 9,5 deg is big..Im goint to measure if the edge is of center which i daught. I will also send u a vid .
    Kristian Brandström
  • Hej Kristian

    can you sent me your on to my hands. Please also when it suits you best.
    I'm happy to explain to you how to get the proper optic and angel back on your knife. It's easier to explain than writing a very long mail. There are a few wrong thoughts, but the above mentioned explanations from my colleagues are correct, just there is a bit more behind the geometry why this appears and seems to be a wrong angle.

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