Sharpening plane blades

I have a t-7 and i have not had much success with plane blades. they come out slightly out of square and the edge is slightly concave. I made sure the stone edge is square and i check the plane blade with a square against the tool holder but i am still getting poor results


  • Hej Gregg

    In my early days I had the same problem, what i discovered was that I pressed to hard and hadn't adjusted the both sides with the micro-adjustment totally even.
    It should not be out of square and concave, The blade stops on the supportand can´t move further down except you press hard and lift it on the sides. Th risk to lift the blade with the blade holder from the support is higher when you press to hard, especially when pressing on the blade itself.
    May this link below can help you down the road to get a perfect sharpened blade.


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