Selection of machine, T-4 or T-1

I will probably only sharpen kitchen knifes, and I am thinking of T-4 or T-1
As I see it there is the benefit with T-4 to get a finer stone (SJ-200) and if I need to sharpen something else in the future the T-4 will solve that.

On the other hand the T-1 seems to be fast and easy to use.....

If I have a selection of knifes like un expensive knifes, Global and some high end Japanese carbon steel knifes (Aogami, Shirogami etc.) what machine should I get?

Is the higher grit on the T-1 any problem?



  • Hej Daniel

    The grid of 600 is not an issue on the T-1, you'll get a realy sharp edge and nearly polished with the Composite Honing Wheel. If you prefer a high end polished edge, the T-4 is the machine for you.
    On both machines you'll get exceptionell sharp knives, on the Japanese Waterstone you'll get a bit better result, but at the end you'll don't feel it, you'll see it only when you look closer.
    T-1 is a fast solution, the T-4 need some upstart time.

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