Developing burr on Tormek T-1

My Worksharp Ken Onion (belt sharpener) manual and most wet-store tutorials say to develop the burr on one side and then use same strokes on the other side to remove the burr, then strop. My understanding on the T-1 is you are supposed to alternate the same number of strokes on both sides to get a burr on both sides.  It seems this method would remove the burr on the opposite side and only one side would have a burr.  Is the correct?  The advice seems conradictory. I am a newcomer and just becoming interested in knife sharpening. Tks, Gary
Gary Haraldson


  • Hi Gary,

    You are asking valid questions.

    Whenever you sharpen an edge, the burr will always appear on the opposite side being sharpened. Hence, the method for the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener would be to sharpen on one side of the blade until you develop a burr on the opposite side. When the burr is established, you flip the knife around and sharpen the other side, where the burr first developed, and sharpen that side as much as the first side. This will have the burr switch side, and you will only have burr on the opposite side that you sharpened last. You will never have burr on both sides of the blade.

    I hope this is a clear enough explanation. If anything remains unclear, please let us know and we will try our best to help you out.

    Stay sharp!
    /Hugo from Tormek

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