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I purchased a Tormec T-4 ORIG/DE (Serialno.: 939865 Date: 2022-04) on January 16, 2023 (at MikesToolShop Austria) and registered The Tormec T-4 on January 20, 2023 to obtain 3 more years warranty (additional to the 5 years warranty from the purchase).
Will i get a confirmation for my registration (by e-mail,…) ?

Manfred Tauscher
Manfred Tauscher


  • Hi Manfred,

    I can confirm that your machine has been registered, and you have your full 8-year warranty, provided your purchase date is what you say. When you register, you were presented with a page that confirmed your registration.

    We are, however, working on a solution to have an automatic registration confirmation e-mail sent out upon successful registration to make it more clear for our users in the future.

    Thank you for trusting us to keep your tools sharp, and we hope you are happy with your new TormekT-4 Original.

    Stay sharp!

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