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What is the difference between the T-8 and the T-4?

How are the T-4 and the T-8 different?


  • Tormek T-8 has a stronger motor capacity and can run continuously, compared to the Tormek T-4 which has a limited duration of 30 minutes. The bigger machines also have a larger grindstone (250 mm diameter compared to 200 mm) and a larger honing wheel (220 mm diameter compared to 145 mm). Enclosed with the T-7 is also the Square Edge Jig SE-76 for wood chisels and plane irons and the Truing Tool TT-50 which helps keep your stone clean and efficient.

    Enclosed both with the T-7 and T-4 is the Tormek Handbook, the Honing Compound, the AngleMaster and the Stone Grader.

    It is important to think about what kind of tools you will sharpen with your machine. We recommend the larger models for sharpening of drill bits and planer blades, due to the stones width. If you are a woodcarver or hobbyist and mainly sharpen smaller tools you might find the T-4 more convenient.

    For a complete comparison, please visit our machine comparison.

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