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What is the difference between the T-2 and the T-4?

I was wondering what the main differences between the T-4 and the T-2 Pro Kitchen are?


  • With the Tormek T-4 you can sharpen almost every edge tool. The machine is part of our Water Cooled Sharpening System and compatible with all Tormek jigs and accessories. The Tormek T-2 is intended for knife sharpening for chefs and the professional kitchen.

    Below you will find information about the biggest differences between the machines. You can also read more on the product pages of the Tormek T-4 and Tormek T-2 or see our comparison chart.

    Different types of grinding wheels
    The Tormek T-4 comes with our Original Grindstone, with 220 grit as standard. With the Stone Grader, you can change the grit size to 1000 grit to give a finer sharpening surface. As an option, our Japanese Waterstone with 4000 grit, is available.

    The Tormek T-2 comes with a DWF-200 Diamond Wheel Fine. As an option you can purchase other Diamond Wheels.

    Honing on leather or composite wheel
    The Tormek T-4 is equipped with a honing wheel in genuine Swedish leather. Apply the Honing Compound, which consists of a combination of micro abrasives and polishing components, before honing.

    The Tormek T-2 has a specially developed composite wheel with integrated polish, which you use after sharpening to achieve a sharp edge.

    A versatile or a specialized system?
    As mentioned above, you can sharpen a variety of tools such as knives, scissors, woodworking tools, planer blades and drill bits with the Tormek T-4. The machine is versatile and part of the Tormek Water Cooled Sharpening System which means it is compatible with our full range of jigs and accessories.

    The Tormek T-2 is designed, optimised and only intended for kitchen knives. You can sharpen knives which are 14-60 mm (9/16"-23/8") wide with a maximum thickness of 3,5 mm (1/8"). The Tormek T-2 Knife Sharpener is designed for the professional kitchen and is ideal when one or multiple chefs quickly need to sharpen knives to a top result. This machine is only compatible with Tormek T-2 jigs like the RBS-140 Round Blade Sharpening Attachement.

    8 years warranty
    The Tormek T-4 and T-2 both comes with 8 years warranty. When used for commercial, industrial or educational purpose the warranty is 2 years. The same applies if the machines are used for a professional sharpening service.

    *A jig is a device in which you mount your edge tool to achieve a controlled sharpening. During sharpening, the jigs operate on the Universal Support, which enables to get a consistent sharpening angle towards the stone.

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