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New Tormek T-8 Stops running after 5-10 minutes

My brand new Tormek T-8 stops running after 5-10 minutes. Whether I am using it or the machine is just running it stops. If I wait 4 or 5 minutes,  the machine will run again but only for another 5-10 minutes. I don’t believe I was putting a huge load on the machine by sharpening a few chisels.  The T8 is on a dedicated 20 AMP circuit.
What am I doing wrong?

Richard Kestler


  • Hej Richard,
    this seems to be a technical problem of some kind. Please contact your reseller (the store you bought the machine from) to get that issue sorted. They can always contact the importer of their country or us if they need assistance in solving the issue.

    Stay sharp!
  • Thanks Tanja for your quick reply

    I purchased the machine from Rockler Woodworking in Phoenix Arizona. I just called them and they said I would need to contact you (Tormek) to resolve the issue. They said it is a warranty issue and if Tormek wanted Rockler to replace the machine they would be happy to do so but Tormek would need to authorize them to do so.
    Your thoughts and guidance on how to resolve this?

    Thank for your time and attention with this matter,
    Rich Kestler

    Richard Kestler
  • Hi Tanja,
    I replied to your response a couple of days ago but I am suspecting that you did not receive it. The message doesn't appear to have been added as a comment to your reply.

    Well… in my previous message I first complimented you on your quick response to my issue. Then I explained how I followed your advice and went to the store where I purchased the T8 (which was Rockler Woodworking in Phoenix, Arizona). They said that you (Tormek) would need to help me because they saw this as a warranty issue. Rockler said they would be happy to replace my machine with a new one, if Tormek would authorize them to do so. So what is your advice on how I should proceed to resolve this issue?

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    Best regards,
    Rich Kestler
    Richard Kestler
  • Hello Richard,
    Thank you very much for getting back to us with the information. I've forwarded the details of your case to our US office and we'll contact you and the reseller regarding your machine. You did the correct thing contacting the reseller – that's normally the right way to go in case of a warranty claim.

    I hope your new Tormek T-8 will be up and running again very soon!
    Stay sharp!

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