dirty stone grader

Happy user of the Tormek 8. A question though regarding the stone grader SP-650.
After some months of use it seems that the coarse side is becoming smoother than wanted in order to reactivate the grit (original grindstone).
Do I need to 'clean' the stone grader? Or just buy a new one? ;-(
Willem Jan van Nie


  • Hej Willem,
    you can´t clean the stone grader. But you can use the edges of the SP-650 stonegrader if you have the feeling that the sides are not delivering the expected results any more. You can check this Live Class (Chisels, plane irons & Tormek grinding wheels | Part on YouTube: 
    https://youtu.be/wMATay8ITE8?t=1589 Wolfgang shows how you can use the SP-650 in the best way. 😀

    Stay sharp!

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